Animal Communication Session | Saturday, May 4th | 12 PM – 4 PM
Have you ever known when your animal companion was happy, sad or afraid? Ever wondered how your dog knew you were going to take him for a walk before you even picked up the leash or said a word? How does your cat know when it’s time to go to the vet and hides? Or even when our pets seem to just know that we are sad or upset and come close in an effort to “comfort” us. The feeling we get from them is more than just the obvious physical cues.
If you have an animal and want to:
* Improve your relationship with your animal,
* Deepen your bond and share more joy,
* Get help addressing bad dog behavior problems like potty training issues, destructive chewing, non-stop barking, separation anxiety, leash walking or all the rest,
*Learn more about your animal, how they think and see the world, and hear what messages for you.
Then please sign up for a 20 minute animal communication session with Stacy. You may bring your animal or if you have animals that may be too frightened to attend in person, then please bring a photo of your animal friend, past or present, to your session. Also, you may wish to write down questions you have for some guidance and bring paper and pen to jot down notes as the animal communication session may bring up a great deal of information to remember. Session cost is $70.00 cash or check and is payable at the time of the appointment.
No Splitting or Combining Appointments, It’s a Per Household Session.
Earthborn Pet Food Demo
Saturday April 27th 11-3 pm
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